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Our Services 

Welcome to Skate Booth's Services Page! We offer professional services to keep your skates in top condition and ensure the perfect fit. From precision sharpening and stretching to advanced heat moulding and 3D scans, we help you achieve peak performance on the ice. All of these services are included in the price of the skates when you buy directly from us.


Explore our service details and pricing below, and don't hesitate to contact us to book an appointment or ask any questions.

*Please note that all time frames are subject to change and processing times may be longer during peak hours of the year.

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We find most people's feet are not the same shape as their boots, from bunions and bursas to protruding bones, it's not uncommon to need a little reshaping. 

Prices start from £15 however, if the reshaping needed is extensive then this will range from £20-£30 and will be discussed beforehand.


Heat Molding

Most high-level hockey and figure boots can be heat-molded. This can be a great way to ensure a more customised fit. Heat molding does not damage applicable boots and is part of the fitting process for boots brought with us.

£25 charge for skates brought elsewhere.

It is important to note that once a skate has been heat molded it cannot be used for 8 hours afterwards.

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blade mounting.jpeg


Blade Mounting

Whether you've brought boots and blades elsewhere, or you've got a new blade that you're hoping to upgrade to, we can professionally mount them and ensure perfect alignment. This is not a while-you-wait service and your skates will need to be left with us for 1 working day*



3D Scans

We start all our skate fittings with a 3D scan of your foot. This allows us to take into account not only your size but the width, volume, heel depth, instep height and arch height of your foot, all of which is keep to getting the perfect fit.

£10 - however, this is taken off of the price of your skates when you buy from us.

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