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The price of our skates includes a full skate fitting, which entails a 3D scan of your foot which will allow us to have a holistic view of your needs, any stretching or reshaping that is needed, the first sharpening on the blades and expert knowlege regarding what skate is most suited to your level, goals and price range.

We do not price match as out fitting service offers so much more than what you can get online.

Why we do a 3D scan

We do a 3D scan as a part of every skate fitting no matter your level. This is key to getting the right skate for you as it gives use precise measurements of your foot down to the millimetre.

This means we are best able to advise on what skate and what brand would be the most appropriate for you.


Fitting service

Often skates need to be reshaped, heat moulded or stretched to accommodate your foot. This is included when we sell you a pair of skates and allows us to provide a custom fit.

Sometimes it can be best to try skates out before reshaping as initial discomfort often dissipates after the breaking-in period, however, if you are experiencing any discomfort you are always welcome to come back and have further any work done at no extra charge.

Get to Know Us

We have both a hockey player and a figure skater on board doing all our fittings, this is a unique aspect that showcases our expertise in the respective fields and allows us to apply lived experiences to our services.

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